Virtual Hosting

Quality and inexpensive web hosting for all sizes,
reliable platforms, professional technical support!

Disk Space  0,5  2  5  15 
Traffic  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited 
Websites  1  2  10  25 
Free Domains**         
IP-address IPv4    1 usd/month  1 usd/month  1 usd/month 
The control panel         


Shared Hosting

We offer our customers several tariff plans of virtual hosting: «Start», «Econom», «Lux», «Maximum». Our clients can easily select the most appropriate conditions for the realization of their ideas and projects from small websites to professional portals.

«Start» - this is the cheapest and affordable hosting that is suitable for small projects, websites, business cards, personal blogs.

«Econom» - an ideal choice in terms of price / performance for medium complexity and volume of information sites, forums, web-portals at the initial stage of development, which have already gone beyond the “start-up”.

«Lux» - this is the best hosting to implement most of the ideas of our clients: advanced web sites, portals, galleries, large forums, online shopping, and more.

«Maximum» - perfectly suited for implementing large-scale Internet projects, large web-portals, sophisticated shops and virtual studios. Significant resources, high performance virtual hosting platform and maximum functionality will realize projects of any complexity.

For the most demanding clients available business proposal - call, and we will change any characteristic of virtual hosting services to best meet your needs.

Virtual / dedicated server

Reliable, high-performance, scalable, virtual and dedicated servers
from Aviti - is the best choice for your ideas!

Disk Space, Gb  10  15  30  50 
Traffic, Gb  200  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited 
RAM, Гб  0.5  1  1.5  2 
CPU, ГГц  0.5  1  2  4.2 
Number of CPU  0.5  1  2  2 
IP-address IPv4  1  1  1  1 
Free Domains*         


VPS Hosting

A professional solution when choosing a hosting for large projects - is to buy hosting VPS (virtual personal server). In other words, our client has at its disposal a complete full-featured private server platform with selectable operating systems; super-user rights are much cheaper than buying a hardware server and install it in the data center. Management server and VPS hosting is available even to non-professionals with a simple and intuitive control panel interface.

We offer our customers several tariff plans VPS Hosting: «VPS Start», «VPS Econom», «VPS Lux» and «VPS Maximum». With the development of your project, our customers can gradually build up characteristics Hosting VPS - and increase the number of processing power, disk space, memory, install additional software, deploy the entire set of interrelated or independent web servers.

If your project is beyond the scope of tariff plans - call, and we will change any characteristic of VPS hosting services to best meet your needs.